October 26, 2010

Tis the season for winter (or summer) weddings!?

I love weddings.  They are always such beautiful occasions.  I don't, however, love wedding cards.  As we all know most wedding cards are pretty generic and plain old ugly.  They stick an old pic of a red rose and some sappy sentiment on it and call it a day.  Case in point:

This is especially true if you opt to get a "money card".

I was asked to make a money card for an upcoming wedding (in Australia, no less).  So I looked through all my trusty Silhouette files and found a money envelope and decided to decorate it with very chic and classy papers.  Since weddings are super special occasions I felt that metallic papers would do the trick.  I have to say I am quite pleasantly surprised with my end result.

Let me know what you think...

Been feeling very "bedazzly" lately. :)

It's kind of vintage feeling, I love that.

This is the inside where I included the date and names.
Underneath there is space for a hand written sentiment.
I used linen paper which is great quality and can be written on
since most metallic papers won't hold ink of any kind.
The stripes are on the envelope, which I also created with my Silhouette.

Off to an Aussie wedding.

For my next project I'll be channeling Chanel...hmm should be fun!


  1. Beautiful, and something they will keep for ever.

  2. Fantastic... very clean & elegant.

  3. Thank you both for you comments! I love trying new styles.


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