October 25, 2010

Custom Orders make me happy!

So, the reason why I started "Sweet Spot Card Shop" is because there is no greater feeling than receiving a card/letter from someone in the MAIL.  Opening up a hand written note has to be one of the best feeling things EVER.  You can easily turn someone's day from "blah" to "FANTASTIC" with some paper and a stamp.  So, why not do it?  Now, if you go the extra mile and include a card that has the person's favorite colors, quotes, flowers...any extra detail just makes the receiver feel even more special.

I had the privilege of making a set of cards for a client.  She included a small synopsis on each of the receivers.  I loved that!  By getting a small glimpse into each person's personality you can make a card that is the perfect fit for that person.  There was a bit of quilling, a bit of punching, some die cutting and some use of my Silhouette (which I love more and more every day - especially since the new software release).

Here are the pics:

I cut vinyl with my Silhouette and added a paper flower embellishment
(also cut with my Silhouette)
 and added a black gemstone center.

Swirly Strawberry Cupcake Love

Cute as a (frosted) Cupcake

Little Bella Birdie

The yellow rose has special meaning to the client and she
loved my owls because "owls  are wise".

Another owl for another someone special.

Feel free to e-mail Sweet Spot Card Shop at sweetspotcards@gmail.com for your special order of cards!  Because every day is a special day!


  1. Leesandra, these cards are great! I especially love your owls, and the purple flower petals in the first one. And I agree that getting special orders is a great feeling (almost as good as receiving a special card).

  2. Thank you Philippa! By the way, you can call me Sandy ;) I'm feeling inspired. Hopefully there will be lots more creating happening, and not just for custom orders! Thanks for taking the time out to stop by and comment. Hope you have a great day!


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