September 12, 2012

New at the Shop

I spent all morning thinking up new designs and ideas.  Here's what I came up with:

Available here

 Available here

Available here

I plan on looking over some of the older cards and maybe even retiring a few.  There are a few cards that aggravate me to make.  LOL!  One in particular makes me mad any time anyone orders it.  Weird, right?  I guess that's why change is good!

I customized 2 of my regular cards this week for some orders.  It feels good to spice things up sometimes.
This one was redone for a tango-loving friend.  It was my first time using 1/8 inch paper to create a rose.  I liked it.  The rose came out nice and flat in the back so it was very glue-able.  I usually use larger 3/8 inch strips.

This one is a foreign-language remake of my Elly card.  From a boyfriend to his girlfriend.  This guy was SO detailed and knew exactly what he wanted his card to say and where he wanted each detail.  I can't show you the inside or the back because it includes names but I thought it was great that he was so excited and involved.  That's what cards at The Sweet Spot are all about!  He kind of looks like Babar, right?  Uh-oh, did I just age myself? ;)

Sweet Wednesday to you all. Kind of flying by, don't you think?