September 14, 2012

Getting Wild

I'm trying to be super productive this week.  I came up with another new design.  Took me a few hours because my first tries came out looking more like a crazy lemur than a raccoon.  I also like to do my research and make sure that no one else has a similar design, (at least not one I can find on the internet).  I like to respect my fellow quillers.  Sometimes I wish that feeling was mutual. (Meow!)

Anyway, I think this guy is pretty funny.  After I made him I thought the writing should say "Get Wild" but my level-minded hubby thought that was a bit too risqué for The Sweet Spot.  So I toned it down and made it more cutesy and PG. ;)

Available here

I hope you like him and I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.  Here's to crisper weather, warm cups of tea and apple cider donuts.  YUM!

Oh, one more thing!  This is sort of a cry out for help.  Does ANYONE know where I can get the fabric used on this chair?  I NEED TO KNOW!  My mom gave me an old wing-chair recliner and I would LOVE to make it over with this very fabric.  Any info would be super greatly appreciated.  I googled for so long yesterday that I got dizzy.  :D

Stay Sweet, my peeps! ❤


  1. Hes adorable, like the sentiment to!!!!

  2. Such a cute cute raccoon
    PS : Please do turn off word verification. Blogger is asking for double word verification and it is getting a bit difficult deciphering it all
    Turn off word verification but enable comment moderation to prevent spam

    1. Thank you, Sonia. I did disable the word verification. It has happened to me on other blogs and I know it is annoying. Thanks for the heads up, and for your comment.

  3. Thank you, Pooja. I appreciate your feedback!


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