June 1, 2012

Customizing's Cool

I love to make new things.  As I already mentioned, this week was my anniversary.  And, sadly, (or maybe, shamefully) I have never made my husband a card.  It's been a bit of a rough year so there were no big gifts to give but I did get him a small thing that I knew he'd like and I included a card.

He was totally more thrilled over the card than the gift.  He said, "You made ME a card??!!"  And proceeded to flash a huge cheesy smile.  It touched my heart to know he appreciated my handmade gift so much.  I will share a pic of the card, but no judging.  It WAS for my husband! ;)  And, I can't claim the expression.  That I got from another card maker with a much more risque graphic than my cute quilled people.  I don't know why I'm so embarrassed by the sentiment.  He is my favorite thing on the earth!

He kept saying "You made GLASSES!" - LOL!

I also made another quilled ballerina for another dance recital.  I decided to make her in different, softer colors and give her the arabesque pose.  (Well, as arabesque as little paper arms can get.) Her head is slightly tilted to add to the dance-y feel, and I also ruffled the tutu so that it looks less like a hula skirt and more flowy.  I'm happy with that change.  I think she is so cute and I hope Olivia loves her.

I am a wee bit obsessed with Instagram.  Please bear with me. ;)

I wish you all a super wonderful, happy and sun-filled weekend with the ones you love!