May 7, 2012

On my toes

I took ballet as a tween and loved every second of it.  I find it so beautiful and elegant and such a great workout.  Till this day I always pause whenever I see a ballet excerpt or piece on TV. Dance makes me happy.  I'm a huge fan of SYTYCD, too.  Can't wait till it starts back up soon!

I was asked to create a custom card for a teenager's dance recital.  I never did get to wear toe shoes but I certainly always wanted to.  I still remember all my ballet positions and am really thankful for the one piece of advice that my ballet teacher gave me.  "Walk as if there was a string attached to your head pulling you upright."  As you become more horizontally challenged, it gets harder to do. (Ha Ha!)  But I attribute my posture to those few words.

Here's the card I made for Carly.  I don't know Carly but I do know that her auntie loves her to pieces.

I've definitely been kept on my toes lately.  I'm trying hard not to be MIA on you guys.  And  thank and welcome all of you who have just begun to follow along with my blog.  You guys are awesome!  May your first full week of May be as equally awesome to you all

Stay Sweet! ;)

P.S.  Thanks to all of you who commented on last Friday's post.  You have no idea how your kind words of encouragement have helped me.  I will try my hardest to make it to the island, again! ;)