February 23, 2012

The right and wrong of Copyrights

I found this article today and I thought it was SO good I wanted to share it.  It's not new to me to be copied.  I have been blatantly copied and I have been used as "inspiration" (almost to the exact detail) but I think that as the creative community expands, it's important that we all educate ourselves with what is and what is not ok.

It's normal that when you are a newbie, you make mistakes.  And it has been argued and re-argued by many so I will let the article speak for itself.

All of my original designs are in fact copyrighted.  Now, you can tell yourself that it's okay to recreate my idea and use different colors or whatever, but you and I both know that you didn't come up with it.   In reality you're selling yourself short. There is no greater feeling than being woken up at night by a great idea and bringing it to fruition.  You should try it.  You'll never be tempted to take the easy way out again.  I promise!

My kiddies are away with their auntie and I am taking advantage and finishing up some orders.

I was happily greeted this morning by a package from UPS.  Its the little things that make a good day!

Here are a few pics of the happenings of the past few days:

Monday's brunch at Bare-Burger.

This is a paper-mache'd bear head.
They decorate the place with them as well as many other eco-friendly 
and environmentally conscious wares.  I was intrigued by
the neatness of whomever sealed the paper on. 
There were barely and seams.  

My just-because roses from hubby.  
They're over a week old and just as gorgeous. 
He really knows how to pick em!

Last night's perfect evening.  Pizza and beer while watching a few concerts we have.

And we topped it off with some Brooklyn Cupcakes for dessert.  Sigh.  So good!

May the rest of your week be filled with lots of SWEETNESS and love!


  1. Well Sandy, some people blissfully ignore this..And when we talked about it, they said that we're making it big..But they hafta live with the fact they aren't honest to themselves..Just my two cents..

  2. thanks for sharing the article!! it's a good one! i'll need to educate myself on this too!

  3. ugh. being copied is the WORSE!

    "There is no greater feeling than being woken up at night by a great idea and bringing it to fruition. You should try it." hit home with me, I use quotes from women I admire (virgina woolf, frida, etc) but when they are not quotes that inspire me (and feminism) the stuff I stamp on jewelry are my orginal words I have scrawled in journal pages, on train rides home, that come from the vortext of my creativity and also stuff I was raised learning... so imagine my dismay when I found a women copying the orginal phrases i dreamed up on train rides and lifetimes on IDENTICAL pieces as mine.... I was SHOCKED, insulted, and so forth... I didn't know how to deal with it... and it got so bad, when I would launch a new product, days later she would launch an identical item... I don't know how to approach the situation... or her... or what to do... especially since SO MUCH WORK goes into... dreaming up a phrase... desiging it, creating it, taking pics, editing... listing it, writing a descriptions and marketing the crap outta it only to find after all your hours of work someone swoop in and take the cherry on top and duplicate it. :(
    So I was feelin this post mujer :)
    sending you positive vibes! :D

    1. Rock on sista! I sent you a PM cuz your response got to my heart.

  4. Hi Sandy, thanks for posting this. I have recently got into quilling & really love your work. Your cameras are amazing!
    I made a card for my sister the other day including a series of cocktails, and I have noticed that you have also done a card with martini glasses. There's only so many ways a martini glass can be quilled - so how would I prove that I hadn't copied, just had a similar idea? It's a genuine question - and I don't think there's an answer. I also bake & decorate cakes, and find there's a very fine line between copying & inspiration. Is there a way to do this and not be called a thief if you genuinely just came up with the same idea? x


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