February 17, 2012

Cards for men - (kinda hard)

Cards for men are always hard for me.  Probably because I'm too cutesy and girly.  This is the second part of the custom card order I had the other day going all the way to Oz.  It is a card for a brother who just got engaged and he loves playing cards.

Handy dandy paper cutter to the rescue (and a teensy bit of quilling)!  It's as masculine as anything at the Sweet Spot gets!  I am loving the prints from my new printer.  SOOO much better than my other one.

Here it is:

I think it's kind of clever if I do say so myself!

I got smacked with the stomach-bug stick and my son is currently shivering away a 102° fever (poor thing).  I hope it all goes away and we can enjoy daddy's day off on Monday! :(  Seems like any time my poor hubby gets days off the whole house gets sick.

I hope your weekend is off to a much better start and that it's full of SWEETNESS from all the ones you love!


  1. Its a wonderful idea for a masculine card. Awesome
    PS: Do watermark your photos so that anyone saving your photos will find it easier to credit you later on.

  2. Awesome.. Great concept . Perfectly personalized .



  3. Woderful idea,hope there's a lot of assessements from masculine part too !

  4. Replies
    1. It's so hard to create manly things, right? Thanks for the compliment! ;)

  5. Great idea Sandy! You're SO creative!

  6. Sandy, you have frighten me LOL We started to think in the same way. I just saw your post and your cards are great! But, I made a few cards for Valentine's Day, one of them is ace but with leaf.

    Your note is fabulous! Really like it!


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