January 11, 2012


Did you know s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d spells d-e-s-s-e-r-t-s backwards?  Haha!  How fitting.  I spent over 45 minutes in the post office on Monday shipping orders only to see that my packages didn't even leave the area until yesterday.  What does that mean?  That the order that was supposed to be received today will not be received until tomorrow!  Does anybody do their job anymore?  It seems that service keeps being cut left and right but prices sure aren't.

Anyway, that was my venting session.  Sorry you had to be the victim.  There is nothing worse than having to inform a customer that they will not be getting something they ordered by the date they need it.  STRESSED indeed.

Now on to the dessert:

Card available here

I created this cutie from my stash of colored cardstock.  I usually like to use the white cards but, for some reason the pink cards caught my eye this time.  Kind of has a French vibe to me, right?

More cards to come this week.  I've been really bad at adding new designs lately 
so that is my goal for this month.