January 24, 2012

Paper Flower Love

My paper flower ring made 3 treasuries today alone.  That's a lot of love.  So, as a thank you to the fabulous people who featured it as well as an ode to all the shops featured with it, here are links to my faves.  I adore this color combination.  I like to share the love whenever I have a chance:

'Yellow and Gray' 

















'Sunshine and Storm Clouds' 

















Click, love, share and like. To date I've made it into 327 treasuries.  I remember the day I made it into my first one.  I thought I was going to pop.  It's just always so nice to wake up and see that somebody out there loved your creativity enough to want to feature it along with other things they love.  Still makes me happy and I'm still very thankful to each and every person who chooses to feature my stuff.

Today I woke up feeling kind of like a truck ran over me.  But I'm going to work through the pain and start on a new DIY that I am in love with.  There's nothing as soothing for me (besides ibuprofen) than to sit down with my craft goodies and create pretty things.  Hope to have pics up for you by the end of the week.

Oh, I forgot to share a pic of me with you.  LOL!  I know many of you  probably wonder what I look like.  I really prefer to stay private.  But, for a feature on a blog I provided a pic of me.  If you wanna put a face to the name check me out here.  I'm somewhere in the middle.  Oh, those freckles kill me!

Have a SWEET Tuesday!


  1. congrats, I'm excited for you, do love the ring!!!

  2. Congrats, Sandy! I am very happy for you! Love the ring and I am glad is in so many treasuries!

  3. congrats Sandy...it is a thrill each and every time to be in a treasury. What I can not figure out is how you get each picture to link back to the store....what a smartie you are :)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look
    your blog is fantastic and original

    ~ cheryl


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