November 7, 2011

Blog Hops

Hello all!  It was a great weekend for a (huge) blog hop.  All of the projects were amazing.  I want to thank all of those who participated.  You all outdid yourselves!  The blog hop started on Friday morning but continued on into the weekend since there were so many projects to see.  I took it upon myself to put in the permanent links for the projects on both blog hops we've had.

Take note of the sidebar under "Quilling Blog Hops".  I went back in time and also added the permanent links for the "Life is Sweet" blog hop we had in January 2011.  If you missed it, go right ahead and take a look.  I look forward to more blog hops in the future.  And I know that as time passes we will all continue to grow in our quilling and be able to continue inspiring each other with the fabulous twists and turns of our quilling tools.

I also wanted to mention a fellow quiller that, due to communication issues (on my part), was not able to participate in the hop.  I never want anyone to feel left out...EVER, so I am including a link to her blog so you can all go visit her and witness her amazing art as well.

It's been great "meeting" all of you and sharing our love of paper with each other.  I look forward to more sharing and inspiration.  Oh, and thank you all for your wonderful comments here as well as on Facebook.

And one  more thing.  I happened upon this blog and saw that there was a similarly themed quilling challenge.  Some really great projects!  Be sure to check it out:

Wishing you all a super sweet week!