October 21, 2011

This week in review...

I realized that on Wednesday I promised you all new cards and I didn't deliver. Sorry.  I tend to forget a lot of things.  But, I decided to share this week's cards.  Some are new in the shop and some are custom ordered.  I'm thinking about adding one of the custom cards to my shop because I really heart it.

I have decided to play around with watermarks.  I am very sad about it but it's just the reality of cyber sharing.  I am severely Photoshop-challenged so for now I only added a simple text.  But I'm going to do my homework and figure out how to add my logo as a watermark... one day soon, I hope.

Enjoy the pics and I look forward to your comments.

A bun in the oven - tee hee

An engagement with major bling

For a new homeowner.

New at the shop:
find card here

find this one here

A little note about this card:  Notice the textured edges?  I decided to buy myself a mini paper shredder so I could use whatever paper I like and not have to suffer with the regular paper cutter.  I love the edges.  Feels very natural and organic, especially with the book pages.  Thanks to all the fabulous Malaysian quillers who share so many tips and make each day a new learning experience in the quilling world.  

I may just be adding the bun in the oven to my shop because it's just too cute.  I have two more cards to share.  I will do my best to do so next week.

Have an autumnally SWEET weekend with lots of cuddly sweaters, pumpkin spice and apple cider!


  1. Your quilling makes me smile :-)

  2. Aww! Thank you, Bronwyn! That is a way huger compliment than you will ever know. You just made me smile ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. They're super cute..Love the envelops too..

  4. What a gorgeous collection of cards


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