October 7, 2011

Blog Hop Info

Hello all!

Just dropping in to leave a quick note.  I still have openings for the quilling blog hop for South America, Africa and Australia.  The other continents are full - YAY (and, sorry to those who responded a bit late).  I wish I could tell you all to hop on but then the list would be MASSIVE and I can foresee that being a bit of a problem on hop day.  No worries, it won't be the last hop.

Here are some details:
  • The theme is LEAVES.  That means you can quill anything you desire.  A card, a collage, a 3D sculpture, that is up to you.  But, the project has to feature leaves.  There are tons of leaf techniques that have been shared in the quilling groups on Facebook, I invite you to have a look or google to your heart's content.  
Here is one great example shared by Sonali:

  • The blog hop is set for Friday, November 4th at 9am EST.  Make sure that if you pre-post your blog entry you adjust the time to Eastern Standard (NYC time) so that all entries are posted at the same time and day.  Blogger allows you to set future posts so as soon as your entry is ready you can blog about it and set it up in advance (if you wish).
  • I have a list set up with everyone's names and blog addresses that needs to be included at the end of each blog entry on your blog entries for that day (Nov. 4th).  This is how our readers will know what blog to hop to next.  Once the list is complete and in order, I will e-mail it out to all of you so you can copy and paste it.  It's really easy, I promise! ;) 
  • If you have a blog that is in another language I suggest you load the "google translate" widget on your blog (it's on my sidebar).  It helps us all be able to understand each other's words.  But that is optional.
If there are any more questions, please feel free to e-mail me at sweetspotcards@gmail.com.  I look forward to the hop and getting to "know" many more fellow blogging quillers. (YOU ROCK)

Have a wonderfully SWEET weekend and I will be in touch with the list soon!

Also, show a little love to this cute treasury by etsy shop rosecitylady

'Thrilling Quilling' by rosecitylady

Inspired by KZEmbroidery, enjoy!


















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