September 13, 2011

Back to the 80's

Have you all noticed how everything old is new again?  I know that happens in every generation, but, now I'm starting to see stuff that I actually used as a kid.  Oh boy, that means I'm getting old!!  LOL!

It's so funny how there is a fascination with all things "retro" and when we had them and used them we never really appreciated them.  I remember recording songs off the radio on cassette tapes.  It was so frustrating.  And when you had a favorite tape and you played it too much, it would eventually wind up sounding like the teacher from Ferris Bueller.  Bueller? ....Bueller?

I also remember being given a kodak camera over 10 years ago and laughing inside thinking "what am I supposed to do with this?"  I wish I had kept it! :(

I guess it's a lesson in appreciating what you have now because one day it'll be valued even more by others.  (Like all the barbies I gave away when I was "too old" {at 13}, boy do I wish I had them now.  Have you seen how much you can get for them on eBay?)

Well, as an ode to my clunky-appliance-ridden childhood.  I quilled a few cards with a retro vibe.

Find card here

Card available here

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Have an awesomely SWEET week, everyone! ;)

Oh, lastly, check out this super cute vintage camera themed treasury:

'Vintage Cameras' by CitySistersShop

So many wonderful items out there featuring vintage cameras.

















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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