June 16, 2011

New to Bloom at the Sweet Spot

I've really been enjoying making my paper flower rings.  When my eyes are crossing from all the twirling in quilling I can find rest in the peaceful strokes of my paintbrush as I apply sealant to the petals.

Just like quilling, I'm enjoying coming up with new ideas and color combinations.  Each ring has a different attitude and would suit a completely different personality.  From the demure, classy chic to the funky girl.  I guess all of them represent some side of me.  I've never really been able to put myself into a category.  I do enjoy clean, classic lines but the crazy Latina in me adores color and spunk.

With that said let me show you my new lovelies which I listed in my shop a few days ago.  All of them are one-of -a-kind.  I want every woman who wears one to feel special in knowing that they are the only one to have that specific ring.  I mean, aren't we all one-of-a-kind, too?

This one's "The Chic Chica"

La Luna de Noche (The Moon at Night) with a little quilling ;)

Sweet Cinderella (for the princess in all of us)

Grass and Ink - Kelly Green and Indigo

(Side Note Rant:  Did you know that teal is the color of sexual violence awareness?  I didn't either! While googling for ideas on what to name this ring my friend, Andy found this out and shared it with me.  I think I love teal even more now. It wasn't always my favorite, especially after Jennifer Lopez called it the "color of gangrene" in "The Wedding Planner".  Sexual violence is a definite issue that affects many women (especially us Latinas) and it deserves proper recognition and an all-hands-on-deck fight to prevent it from continuing to occur.)

Back to the rings, I like to ship them in handmade pillow boxes so that they don't crush.  I've made a few of them but only had time to take a picture of one.  (BOO, BAD businesswoman!)  I like to make them all one of a kind, too.  One-of-a-kind for a mommy of twins means a lot!  

As always, keep it sweet and fluffy ;)


  1. Gorgeous rings, and love the boxes to!!!

  2. Wow ! so gorgeous and what brilliant colours!

  3. The rings are gorgeous. Your customers are lucky!

  4. Beautiful colors - esp love that royal purple one - regal is such a fitting name for it! Great packaging too.

  5. I will be ordering one...or two...soon...or swoon!

  6. I love how you gave all your rings catchy names - and they all have such character =)


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