March 8, 2011

Paper Blossom Frenzy

I'm on a paper blossom-making frenzy!  I can't stop making them!!!  There are so many variations I can make and I never have to repeat them...EVER!! I think that once the actual Spring flowers start blossoming I will need to be sedated.

I started my frenzy and then I saw this on Anthropologie's site.  I invite you to keep hitting "next" once the page loads.  SOOOO pretty!

Here is what I've been up to:

Shredded Blue Petals - inspired by of my faves!

Bright Orange and gorgeous, looks a bit like a Camelia

A little bit of quilling here in deep red and yellow

A little vintage with a daisy and a little classy with a chrysanthemum.  I love them both!!

Less than 2 weeks till the seasons change!  WOOT WOOT!!
Keep it SWEET!