March 8, 2011

Paper Blossom Frenzy

I'm on a paper blossom-making frenzy!  I can't stop making them!!!  There are so many variations I can make and I never have to repeat them...EVER!! I think that once the actual Spring flowers start blossoming I will need to be sedated.

I started my frenzy and then I saw this on Anthropologie's site.  I invite you to keep hitting "next" once the page loads.  SOOOO pretty!

Here is what I've been up to:

Shredded Blue Petals - inspired by of my faves!

Bright Orange and gorgeous, looks a bit like a Camelia

A little bit of quilling here in deep red and yellow

A little vintage with a daisy and a little classy with a chrysanthemum.  I love them both!!

Less than 2 weeks till the seasons change!  WOOT WOOT!!
Keep it SWEET!


  1. great looking flowers, they look like fun to make!

  2. They are all so gorgeous! Great work.

  3. ALL so very pretty - I can't choose a favorite. Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend - whee!

  4. Lovely!

    You might like my paper flowers in that case:
    Dahlias & Roses:

    Complete with templates (PDF and silhouette)



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