March 4, 2011

March has me Mad

Well, I think I'm always mad (not the angry kind of mad, more like Mad Hatter mad).  But this March is looking extra-specially mad.  I think it's the anticipation of Spring popping up.  The days are getting longer and I just can't wait to begin gardening and feeling human again.  Winter kind of kills me and Spring revives me.

As far as my March Madness cardmaking goes, so far, so good.  4 days in March and 4 cards down and listed on  my etsy shop.  I have yet to find the time to quill anything new but the desire remains.  Today I made a treasury because I feel I have been completely out of touch with my etsy community.  You gotta share the love to get the love, right?  So, I made a NYC themed treasury in 2 of my favorite colors.  Aqua and Red.  (Get ready for the side-note rant:)  I have a red enamel pot on my stove and an aqua teapot that sits next to it.  They are sort of decorative (though I do use them) because that pot weighs about 25 pounds.  Works out pretty well because I use it for everything from making stews and soups to boiling pasta, and it looks pretty too!  Anyway (see, I'm MAD) here is the treasury:

'Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of...' by SweetSpotCardShopLD

there's nothing you cant do, now you're in New York...

LETTER N- Wooden Wall Decor

Y 8x10 photograph print

Letter C Canvas, Wall Letter...

Vintage Subway Station Belt ...

New York City Subway, 19 x ...

Linen Tea Towel - White with...

New York PRINT

Blue Building - 8x10 Fine Ar...

cherry- fine art photo

Blue and Red Concrete P-Nut ...

Keys to New York

Set of 6 New York City map e...

Statue of Liberty digital pa...

New York City Transit Token ...

Brooklyn Bridge Embossed Wed...

If you've made a treasury or been featured in one and you want to include an ACTIVE one on your blog, go here for super easy instructions.

Have a SUPER SWEET weekend, and if you find the time please click and comment on the treasury.  Maybe one day I'll make it to the front page (a girl can dream).

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