February 11, 2011

And the winner is.....

This was exciting.  I re-read all the comments and then decided that I couldn't possibly pick someone by myself.  So I decided to use random.org to do it for me.  And it chose:

Number 54!
Which corresponds to this comment:

Little does Analy know that my secret (well, not anymore) dream is to have a cupcake shop where I could sell my cards.  And it would be named Sweet Spot Cupcake Shop.  I don't think that will actually ever happen, but everyone can dream.  Every time my sister comes home to visit (from NC) she and I talk about how awesome it would be to own a fabulously cute little cupcake shop.  Unfortunately cupcake shops are a dime a dozen.  Interestingly though it is really hard to find a good one.  One of NYC's most famous cupcake shops is Magnolia Bakery and I, personally, am not a fan.  However, one of my awesome friends discovered a tiny little shop in Brooklyn called Cupcakeland.  OMG!  Can you say AMAZING???  Their frosting is perfection and their cake is moist and delicious.  They are not too sweet and not super huge like Crumbs' Cupcakes (also very popular here).  Oh well, for now I will continue to make paper cupcakes.  It's better for my health anyway ;)

I wanted to share a picture that Analy e-mailed me with one of her first projects.  Brace yourself.  This is a first project??!!  This girl is gonna be the next Yulia Brodskaya if she started off like this:

Isn't it awesome?  Analy is a very artistic person and I love that.  She's a definite deep thinker and I can relate to that.  She is also an amazing photographer .  My favorite part of her portfolio are her fine art prints.  Can you say WOW?  The fact that she says I inspired her is really humbling to me because how could I inspire someone like her??!!  But I'm happy she feels that way.  

I got a question (and I get it a lot) so I decided to share it here.  Lots of people want to know what type of glue is good for quilling.  I've been quilling for years and it took me a LONG time (and lots of wasted money) to finally figure out that Scotch's Quick-Dry adhesive is definitely the best, in my opinion.  Especially if you use one of these to hold the glue.  The other day at the Paper Source I found this and I gasped out loud.  I have yet to use it but I will let you know if it's worth it.  Lots of people suggest you dip the back of your pieces in a small puddle of glue.  I don't agree.  There is nothing worse to me than to see a beautiful piece of quilling or paper art and see the glue glopped all over it (even if it only peeks out of the back).  It takes so much away from the project.  

Another great tip I got and wanted to share was from Fran who told me how she created her shiny paper goodies by using this.  I used it on my cupcakes and I don't think the project would have come out so good if it weren't for the added touch of the glaze.  

Okay, I think I may have talked (or typed) too much.  But I love talking about paper and anything related to it.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy every minute with the ones you love.
Make it SWEET!

If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to share with a comment.