December 10, 2010

Murphy's Week

I'm having one of those weeks where absolutely nothing is going right.  We all have to deal with weeks like that, I guess.  Thank goodness I can come into my little room and hide away from reality with my beloved paper.  I haven't been able to create as many things as there are floating in the vast expanse of my brain but I got these two out, which provides some relief.  Hope you like them!!  My goal for this coming week is to read up all I can about being more successful on etsy.  Being that there are SO many fabulous shops it's really hard to stand out and be noticed.  Let's see what I can learn and put to good use.

Here are my new lovies:

I used to take ballet as a young girl.  It was one of my favorite things.  So elegant and beautiful.  And so adorable to see all the little girls in their tutu's.  Every little girl should have a moment where they feel as pretty as you do in a tutu with a crown and your ballet slippers.

In light of the FREEZING temperatures we are experiencing here in the Northeast, I thought it appropriate to quill a warm thought for all of the people in love out there.  I know that even after 12 years of marriage I am still totally smitten with my honey. ;)

**Next week we'll be taking part in a quilling blog hop hosted by Linda from My Quilling Shack.  Be sure to stop by to get all the details and hop along with everyone.  

Have a sweet weekend and stay warm!


  1. Hi Sandy
    you blog is one of my favourites to visit. Your work is creative, unique and very inspiring. I can't imagine what you have left in your head to get out. I often struggle with ideas so you are lucky to have them at the ready.

    I hear you regarding etsy. It is very hard to get noticed among all of the other crafters. Really the only time of year I sell anything is Christmas but that is not enough. The hardest part of being a crafter is finding your market.

    Good luck getting more sales.
    I will check back again to see how it goes.

  2. Thank you, Cheryl. You're so sweet. I love to read all the quilling blogs, yours included. It's amazing how everyone interprets quilling in a different way. Thank goodness for the internet where we can all share and be inspired.

    I wish I had more time to make the entire notebook of ideas I have. But my kids take up most of it. And then there's hubby ;) If only days were a bit longer. I look forward to your future comments!

    Thanks again!


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