December 14, 2010

Get outta your pj's!

I have so much to say/share that I think I may need a week's worth of posts to catch up with my words.  It's super cold here in NYC (and most of America, I believe).  But the good thing about that is that I get to stay in my warm home and have no desire of going outside.  Yesterday I wasn't so fortunate.  It was bitterly blusteringly cold but I had to go into "the city" (a term us NY'ers use for Manhattan).  Let me tell you, driving amongst the crazy cabbies and avoiding the piranha-like officers looking to give you a fat ticket is an adventure all it's own.  But (wait for it)  my day definitely brightened up.  See, I was driving down Madison Avenue when (who would guess it?)  I see a famous dude with unmistakably large ears and stature.  He happens to be on my family's favorite baseball team.  Can you guess who he is??

Now, I took this pic of his back because, although I did stop my car (silver one to the right)  I just didn't have the guts to say "Hey, can I get a picture of you"?  The words just didn't come out.  And, I partially attribute this to the fact that I was still in my yoga pants and hadn't yet showered.  (Hey, I'm a busy judging)  Now, if my son had been with me, it wouldn't have mattered cuz the mommy superhero powers would've kicked in and I'd have done it just for him.  Oh well, it was still just as exciting.  Now, this wasn't my first time sighting a celebrity on the street (it's happened a lot).  It was just my first time sighting a celebrity while I still had my Pj's on!  HA!  Lesson learned.  Shower and get dressed before you walk down Madison Avenue.

Moving on to paper-ness I am happy to have been featured on THREE treasury lists this week,  Awesome!  I can't  say how much of a treat it remains for me to be featured.  I've also listed a few new items from the Once Upon a Time comment game this past weekend.  All fairytale inspired.  This Friday and Saturday will be the quilling blog hop and although I have yet to work on my project I know exactly what I'll be doing.  Hope you can come visit and see for yourself!

I love to reciprocate the love to those who have featured one of my items so here are the treasury lists:

A flamingo treasury from etsy shop Artsy Ann

A tree treasury from etsy shop Honey's Hive

A camera treasury from esty shop maramori
Thank you to my fellow etsians!

I guess having a spastic mind full of crazy ideas pays off when you have a shop on etsy.  If you only knew what else was in there...LOL!  SCARY!


  1. Hello! I'm abusybee! I wanted to pop over and say Hi since we are in the line up for the quilling blog hop this Friday! You are after me, so I was testing the link! I am in AZ now, but born and raised in NY!

  2. Hi there! I can't wait for this weekend. Should be lots of fun! Where in NY were you raised? I wasn't born here but I've been here most of my life.

  3. Whoops! I forgot to follow you... I am now! :)

    On the Island... I'm a Long Islander Girl!


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