September 29, 2010

Mi Casita

In my country color is essential.  When you live in the tropics you are engulfed by color constantly.  It's commonplace to see a hot pink house next to a lime green one.  It's all part of the charm.

Exhibit A:

About 10 years ago my mother-in-law bought a huge lot of "casitas" on one of her trips back to the motherland.  A casita is a plaster mold of typical houses found in Puerto Rico.  I picked one and painted it how I liked.  As time passed chunks of things have fallen off of it and it was looking pretty shabby.  The last straw was last year when the "flower pot" it has fell off and all the dried flowers in it disintegrated.   I put my casita in a closet and said one day I will do something to fix it.  Today was that day!  I figured how can my casita not have a paper element?  It's preposterous!  So, I decided to fix the flower pot with paper flowers.  

Here's how I did it:
Here's casita before. :(
Here's the pot I decided to fill with styrofoam (I found green after I had out the white one in, so I changed it)
I punched out a bunch of  small daisies
I made a hold in the center of each daisy with an awl

I found green toothpicks!
I cut them in half
I inserted the daisies into the sharp end of the toothpick
some glue
I put a little glass bead in for the center of the flower.  Assorted colors are a must.  Remember:  COLOR
I made a bunch of them.
Put them in my casita's pot.
They were then sealed with ModPodge so that I can safely wipe them clean when I have to.
(They were still wet in the pic,  cuz I am crazy IMPACIENTE)
Finally, here's my casita with a makeover that suits us perfectly.  I love paper!!!!

Now she's going back on the kitchen wall cuz that's where she belongs!