September 24, 2010

All About Appreciation

Advertising is not my forte.  I love to craft and create but admittedly I am bad at networking.  I'm glad to have Facebook make it easier for me but it's still hard to get your name/product known.  Especially since everybody and their cousin has a shop nowadays.  That being said I am very grateful to the people who follow what I do and who support it.  As a token of appreciation to my 200th fan on Facebook this week I made a set of 3 cards that are one-of-a kind just for her to enjoy and share or selfishly keep to herself.  (A little selfishness feels good sometimes)  Personally, I think they'd look great framed in a row.

Here's the set of cards:

One I made using a technique I learned from youtube and customizing it by using what I had.  I didn't have a scalloped punch but I DID have a Quickutz scalloped die and it worked beautifully.  The others I created with punches I had on hand.  The red "Dahlia" I made with a sunburst punch from the punch bunch and the daisy I made by layering 2 punch bunch daisy flowers.  There is a slight bit of quilling involved in the Dahlia as you twirl the center shapes around a needle tool.  The vase shape is also from the punch bunch.  I love paper punching but sometimes all that activity equates to great pain in the shoulder and wrist for me.  Oh well, you must carry on for the love of your craft, right?

Oh, and one of my favorite parts about the cards is that I used my secret stash of handmade papers for the flowers.  I can't tell you what a huge difference in texture and quality it adds to cards as compared to regular "flat" cardstock or craft paper.  I also created custom envelopes using my handy dandy envelope templates and envelope liner templates (2 of my bestest, favoritest purchases to date). The love is in the details people!  I really hope she likes them!


  1. So pretty, Sandy! I definitely see what you mean about the handmade papers adding something special to the flowers.

  2. Thank you both! I do love my handmade papers. I wonder what quilling would look like with them? But they are usually really small pieces which means I'd have to cut and glue a whole lot. Hmm... I'll let you know if I decide to try it.

  3. Fan 200 is lucky! Those cards are pretty. Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving some knowledge regarding the cricut vs silhouette. I really appreciate it. I made a mini scrapbook album and posted about it if you would like to give your opinion on it.

    Have a great day.


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