September 21, 2010

Help spread the love!

Hello everyone!  I'm looking for a 200th fan on my Facebook Fan Page.  And I'd like to give that special 200th fan a free gift!  Help spread the word, and if it works really nicely I may have future giveaways as well.

Oh, I almost forgot about a card I made for a submission but didn't get picked (boo-hoo).  Hopefully next time will go better.  I had fun making it so I am sharing it here:

Now I'm back to making the wedding invitations from color hell and I hope to be all done by next week.  I'm a one-woman show you know?

This is what I came up with to sort each individual invitation's flowers.  So each box has all the punches for the 3 flowers that go on the 1 invitation.  Yes, my arm is sore from all the punching.

1 comment:

  1. Something I've not tried, but have seen advertised is the Strong Arm Punch Aid by McGill... might be worth looking into if you have to do a ton of punched flowers.


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