September 20, 2010

Canvas and Decoupage

Remember when you were a kid in school and you'd cover your hands in Elmer's glue, wait, and then peel it off?  HA!  I used to LOVE to do that.  I don't know who ever came up with the idea but children seem to think it's awesome (and, secretly so do adults).  To me decoupage is the adult version of peeling your glue skin off.  You basically glop a whole mess of sticky stuff on top of your paper project and wait till it dries up.  Then you repeat.  In the interim you get a few spots of glue all over your hands and have fun peeling it off.  It's win-win I tell you!

I'd been wanting to create something for my indoor front door for a while now.  And remember I had confessed to buying canvasses and being too scared to do anything to them?  Well, I can't pretend to be a painter.  But I can certainly cut and arrange paper.  So, that's what I did!  I used my silhouette to cut the cutest birds out of some varied colors of cardstock.  And I used some die cutting letters to cut out the wording.  Then I glued to my hearts content.  I learned that you should never buy cheap paint brushes and that you really need to let each layer of decoupage glue dry before you try to apply the next.  But, even with all my mistakes I still think it came out pretty cute!

Here we are:


  1. Oh yesss, glue peeler here. Haven't done decoupage though, but you've talked me into it. Your sign is really cute!

  2. Thank you! It really is SO much fun. I was scared to try it (who likes to fail?) But it was very reminiscent of being in art class as a kid. Only thing is that you have to clean up your own mess ;) LOL! Let me know if you decide to try it. I'm sure you will come up with something super beautiful. BTW, I love your fail whale. SUPER cute!

  3. Aww thanks - the whale was fun to do; well, all except for the on-edge pieces and not starting with rigid enough paper in the first place. Live and learn!


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