August 30, 2010

Command + Shift + 4 + Spacebar = Screenshot

It took me forever to finally learn how to capture a screen shot properly.  I've  even asked for help.  BUT, I finally found the best way to do it.  If you press Command + Shift + 4 + Spacebar you can select what you'd like to take a shot of (makes the clean-up part easier) and mac is even nice enough to put it on your desktop so you can easily find the file.  YAY!  So then you take your pieces and you stick them together in any picture editing software you may have and VOILA!  A super screenshot.

All of that having been said, here's is my 10th Treasury!  Woo Hoo!  I love to be featured.  Super many thanks to horticopia for putting this great treasury together.  Here's the screenshot:

Great theme, don't you think?

My "No Whey Bull Card" can be found here.


  1. Cool function, Leesandra! Makes me want to try it on my computer right away. Except, I couldn't find the "Command" button. :-)

  2. By the way, I like your fan page. It's very colorful and inspiring. I'm gonna try to imitate you ;)


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