June 4, 2013

My First Craft Fair

Man!  What a weekend!  It was like a whirlwind.  It was my 15 year Anniversary last Thursday.  I worked till 7pm on Friday and then hubby and I were taken out to a delicious latin restaurant by some friends where I had some delicious mofongo that I'm still thinking about and 2 passion-fruit mojitos.  I felt like I was back in Puerto Rico.  I could almost feel the warm tropical breeze.  There was even a live band playing music, and lemme tell you, they did a GOOD job!  I only wish I had had the energy to take advantage and dance with hubby (didn't happen).

Saturday was also a busy day as I mentally stressed-out and ran around trying to prep for the craft fair and clean up my house that has been in chaos since I started working.  And Sunday was the day!  My very first craft fair.  Here are some pics of my first-ever booth:

I was so nervous at first that I felt sick.  But as the day passed, the nerves got less and less and I was able to just enjoy being there.  Hubby was a champ and he was with me the whole way through and kept telling me to calm down.  We also had some friends drop by and it was really nice.  They got to enjoy some beer and the sunny day and show me some support.  The place got pretty packed more towards the end and there was even some dancing going on.

I'm not sure if this is the market for me, even though I did enjoy my experience. The people were definitely more interested in the beer.  One of my neighboring vendors said that I would sell out in Brooklyn.  But, for some reason, Brooklyn really scares me.  I just don't feel confident enough yet.  I love my cards and they come straight from my heart but I'm also really sensitive about them.  

I guess I'll just have to psych myself out to take the leap.  There is a Summer Market in Williamsburg and I'll have to pray and think about it.  Surprisingly, the fee is pretty reasonable.   But I'm glad I put my toe in the water and tested it out.  It felt really good when people would pass by and crack up at my cards.  That was awesome.  And nobody believed that the rings, pins and earrings were actually paper. That was awesome, too!

That was my weekend.  How was yours?  Have any of you had a craft fair experience like this?  Do you think I should take the leap?  Your feedback would be awesome!

Signing out for now.  Stay Sweet my peeps!

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