May 15, 2013

Astoria Outdoor Market

Phew! Have I been running around like a chicken without a head!  (Poor chicken.)  I am still not done with all my inventory, but I know I will get there.  (::Fingers tightly crossed::)

I just wanted to check in and give you guys the details for the craft fair.  

It's THIS coming Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Location:  Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden
29-19 24th Avenue
Astoria, New York 11102

Phone: (718)274-4925

Hours: 1-6

I am diligently working on a display.  I want it to be simple but eye-catching and budget-friendly.  (Not that easy!)

I found some awesome display props at Michael's and I can't wait to figure out how to set them up.

I have a few new cards debuting at the craft fair as well as some oldies but goodies.  I am also in the process of training for my new job.  Exhaustion is the order of the day.  But, I'm keeping my head up and hoping for a great experience.

I'm signing off for now, but if you do decide to come, please let me know that you follow my blog/facebook/whatever.  It'd be awesome to see you there!

I'll try to have hubby take some pics of the event so I can share it with you all.


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