November 15, 2012

Drive-by Post

A quick drive by post to announce that for the next few weeks, the Sweet Spot will be a gift shop! I will not be taking card orders for the next few weeks but I've filled my shop with some awesome one-of-a-kind paper gifts for those you love.

I've added some paper flower pins but my favorite addition by far is the new 12-Month Quilled Calendar!  WOOT WOOT!  It took me quite a while to come up with this but I'm happy with the result of my first-ever calendar.

I opted not to just print pictures of quilled images on it but, instead, to put actual quilled pieces on every sheet.  It's printed on beautiful high-quality linen cardstock and each month has a different saying with a different camera.

I'm excited to have added a few new cameras to my quilled vintage camera line-up.  Here they are:

In order clockwise they are:

- my vintage-inspired "Camera of Love" now in pink with a heart-shaped flash 
-A gold Whittaker Pixie Flash
-A Brownie Hawkeye
-An Imperial Satellite 
-An orange "Rocket Sprocket".

I had to do a lot of googling for images of cameras that I liked and could translate well into quilling.  Here is the full 12-month line-up:

Here is a picture of the calendar in use:

And here is the set-up.  Cameras will come glued on but each sheet can be stored in the accompanying box so one month at a time can be displayed on the plastic easel.

Calendar available here.

I hope you've had a wonderful week and are staying warm and cozy next to the ones you love!


  1. Oh my. There is so much detail in those little cameras! I am in awe. :)

    1. Thank you, Kiana. I wish had one of each to display in my home. For now I make them out of paper.

  2. OMG..They're cute as buttons..Love them all..

  3. Sandy, your calendar is truly inspired!!

    1. Thank you, Philippa. You are quite inspired as well. ;)

  4. your calendar is so awesome, love all the detailed cameras !!!!!

  5. Beautiful Sandi! So cute cameras!! I love it!!

  6. Wow ! kept on seeing the cameras again and again.fabulous calender.

  7. Just briliant!!! The ideas, the creations, the calendar!!! Perfect!!!

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments!


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