October 24, 2012

Quietly Quilling Away

I've been on a custom listing blitz for the past few weeks.  That coupled with my regular mommy responsibilities have created an absentee blogger.  I'm so sorry that October hasn't had many blog posts.  It does still happen to be my dreaded-month-of-the-year but I am happy to say it's been busy and so I have tried to remain distracted.  

I have a bunch of new but still unfinished things that I'm hoping to get up in my shop soon.  I know there is going to be a storm of holiday shoppers hitting etsy and I don't want to miss out on some of that storm. In the last few weeks I have made triplets, a sorry porcupine and redid my get well frog card.  All now available in my shop.  The porcupine slays me.

My studio has not seen a dull, neat moment:

I've been on a bride/bridesmaid custom card frenzy.  So far there have been 18 bridesmaid cards.

Colors have ranged from pink & gold, to turquoise and orange to lavender and silver.  But my absolute favorite is the one above.  My stick figure bride with the words "They say I'll need someone to hold my dress up as I pee..."  And inside it says, "So...will you be my bridesmaid?"  I love how this client was able to take something I already had and change it around and make it fresh.  Super awesome.  And, yeah, I totally needed help in using the restroom when I got married.  Poofy dresses and tiny stalls do not combine well.

And, finally, I'm working on a business card order with some Jack Holga cameras for a photographer named Jack.  Pretty cool, right?   I'm sure he'll garner some attention for "most unique business card".  

I have started and restarted a few tutorials I am dying to share.  But I really haven't had the time to sit here and make them awesome.  So I don't want to share them until I can do that.  Being as the weather is getting cooler up here in the Northeast, I'm thinking it'll be good to share soon and give busy crafty people something to do while they hibernate.

That's all for now.  I am very happy to welcome my new followers and I hope to be in touch more often in the month of November.  We'll see how it goes.

Stay sweet my peeps!