August 20, 2012

Everything's not lost

In the words of Coldplay, I am hopeful that "everything's not lost".  I am still fighting to get better and I don't know when/if Sweet Spot Card Shop will reopen, but I'm hopeful.  ♪"Hoping everything's not lost"♫.

I'll share a few pics of our Summer from my Instagram feed.  I'm just trying really hard to take it easy but I want to scream creatively like I used to.  I guess all in due time...

Hamptons Beaches

All my kids.  Each and every niece and nephew from both sides in one place (and my twins)!

A tornado watch we had along with some pretty summer blooms and a jazzed-up quilled portrait.

Welcome to my new followers and I hope to have something awesome to share soon enough!
Make your last few weeks of summer SWEET!


  1. Beautiful photos :o) You just try to rest and get yourself better. We'll all be waiting here for you :o)

  2. My sister also has Fibro, so I understand how awful it can make you feel. Hoping you'll feel better soon and can get back to your passion of quilling. Love the photo's - such a gorgeous family you have, looks like they're indeed enjoying their summer. Take care.


  3. Thanks, Pooja. Let's hope I can make that happen soon.


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