May 21, 2012

My weekend in Instagrams

I'm sorry I've been so scarce with blog posts.  I have just been up to my neck in panic over the project I've been working on.  So much panic that I went ahead and gave myself a "bout" of fibro and I was bed-ridden for 2 whole days.  What can I say?  Stress is something I am really good at doing.

I have had moments of "I'm ok, I can handle this."  And a few hours later I am in tears and resolving to give up.  Today I had a whole speech prepared for my client.  I was going to tell her that I was throwing in the towel because I didn't feel capable of finishing the project.  And, truthfully, I feel there are lots more people out there that are much better qualified to complete the project.  But, for some reason she seems to really like me (which I appreciate).  So, here I am the day before a photo shoot for a book cover featuring my paper graphics and I am slightly numb, totally panicked and completely in over my head.  But, I guess this is how many creatives feel. (Right?)

Of course, I haven't been able to reopen my shop or add new designs which I have floating in the vast expanse of my head (I fear they will disappear in there).  But I am trudging on, barely floating at this point.  I'm kind of half-sunken but I still haven't drowned.  Perhaps I should just find pride in that?!

I had a great weekend with hubby and the kids and my bffs.  On Saturday it was absolutely perfect weather.  So we went to Frankie's.  (That place deserves moments of silent admiration....let's take one...)  On our way out we spotted Norah Jones.  She was coming in to the restaurant but decided not to stay (the wait there can be crazy).  She is so cute!  We didn't bombard her with requests for pics or autographs but we did exchange smiles.  Hubby was especially smitten.  Afterwards my friend bought her new cd at Starbuck's (it seemed so appropriate).  And then we went to my fave spot BBPark.  We sat there with our feet in the water watching the sun set until we got hungry again. LOL!  There's nothing like just sitting in silence watching a bustling city with the ones you love.

Frankie's French Toast
I had already eaten the strawberry when I took the pic.  ;)

Here we are, all four, basking in the sun and loving it.

I was totally smitten with the new location of the carousel and it's glass enclosure.  I need to come back with my real camera because I am well aware that phone pics do not a photog make me.

And here are some flowers from my backyard which we were also able to enjoy yesterday.

I made a crazy Puerto Rican feast for dinner yesterday, which included ensalada de bacalao (cod fish salad).  That's pretty much the recipe I used but with some sandy-fications.  Now, it did have lots of veggies but it is NOT your typical salad.  I also made rice and beans (SOOOO good) because the cod salad wasn't carb-laden enough and hubby grilled up some entraña (skirt steak). And my friend made a crazy good mango lemonade with mango vodka ;D  We also had a Kahlua flan and (to keep it healthy) a fresh strawberry and mango fruit salad.  Then we sat around in a joint food coma. 

 What's the deal with strawberries in May?  SOOO good!

Spiked Mango Lemonade remnants.

It's super easy to make.  Just blend some frozen mango into cold filtered water with sweetener of your choice (we used agave) and the juice of about 4 whole lemons or limes. Add as much mango vodka as you like (or none) and sit back and enjoy!

I hope you had a great weekend and that your paper crafting was soothing and not stressful! ;)
Stay SWEET, my peeps!

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  1. looks like you are having lots of fun over the weekend!


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