April 4, 2012

C is for Cookie

...thats good enough for me!  I saw this picture online the other day and thought it was SO funny:

It's amazing how the songs have stayed with me for so many years.  Sesame Street was part of my every day life growing up.  I was consistently thinking about that Cookie Monster song as I made a cute little collage for a baby named Colette.  (Isn't that such a cute name?)  I don't know her or her parents so it was a bit challenging.  It's much easier for me to create things when I have knowledge of personalities or details about the family.  All I knew was her name and that her room is lavender with green accents.

So, here is what I came up with:

 I had an overwhelming feeling that something was missing.  So, I left the collage in my studio and went off to my real-life duties, and then in Starbucks, it hit me!  It needed a birdie.  The birdie would be Colette and she'd be super cute and sweet.  So, at about 10pm I made Colette the birdie and then I sat back and felt happy.  She was done. :D

Ever made those hydrangeas?  Wanna learn how?  Stay tuned and I'll show you on Friday.  Until then...keep keeping it sweet!

Oh!  On an totally unrelated note, I'm on Instagram (FINALLY).  See, I have an android phone and I was not going to change to an iPhone just for a camera app.  (That would be silly.)  So I waited patiently and now I have it on my very own phone.  Yippee!!