March 8, 2012

More Creative Messes

I have to admit.  There was one space I did not include in my Sweet Spot Studio tour video.  It is my "supply" closet.  At the time it was SO amazingly messy that there was no way to make out what was in there.

This lovely closet houses everything that can't fit on top of my desk.  My sewing machine is in there.  All the boxes...actually, let me just show you:

1. - My adorable Pekkle that hubby bought me when I was pregnant (and on bed rest).  We used to put it at the foot of the bed so I had something interesting and cute to look at (besides the ceiling and the TV).

2. -  All the boxes of my important electronics.  Like my Mac and my iPad, keyboard and mouse.  I don't know why I insist on keeping these but I feel like I have to just incase we move, they have to have the perfect packaging.  I feel like one day I'll be glad I kept them all.  :/

3. -  I have a few of these shadow box frames from Ikea.  Lovely for some special quilled projects.  I used to have more, but I actually use them!

4. - Some of my embellishments.  Ribbons, brads, buttons, all neatly categorized in cute boxes with labels (go, me).

5. - I am ashamed of this box.  It's my scrap paper box.  Scraps too big to toss and too small to use for big projects.  I just KNOW that one day I will need one of these papers, right?  (No judging.)

6. -  My bin of canvasses which I will (one day) get to use the way I intend.  Not enough time in the day!  I have them in a bin so they don't get crushed or dirty.

7. - My stash of blank cards and envelopes I use every day for making my cards.  Right at my fingertips!

8. - These two little cuties are actually Strawberry Shortcake's Lem and Ada.  Ok, I know, I have to explain.  Well, when I was a little girl I had the whole entire collection of Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  But, many of them were lost in a fire in my apartment when I was 7.  These happen to be twins (I have twins) and they just remind me of being a kid and being innocent and happy (before the fire).  I also have the dog, Woofer.  

9. - These are a small stash of handmade scrapbooks.  I have the intention of putting my wedding pics in them and making it something I'd actually display in my home versus keeping the beast of a book hidden in the depths of my closet.  *One day!

10. - Colored cards and envelopes and card stock stash.  So pretty.

11. - More paper and an unfinished birdhouse I want to paint and hang in the backyard. (Emphasis on WANT.)

12. - Important box.  This is the box I grab and run with incase of a fire or anything super horrible.

13. - Gift wrapping paper galore and those cute paper bags you get at boutiques and shops and you say "I can reuse this".

14.  The almost finished bird-seed-house that I WILL hang in the backyard this month!  

So, after all of this I can admit.  I am an organized hoarder!  LOL!  But, I'm a happy one, too.  There's so much other stuff in there that if you knew you'd probably wind up giving me an award for organization.  There are magazines and books for ideas and inspiration and my sewing machine (behind the gift wrapping).  But I love it.  I open it and it's like the "Magic Box".  

So, there you have it.  An almost complete look into my studio where all the craziness and inspiration behind my shop takes place.

Everyone should have their own happy place. ;)

Enjoy the early Spring and stay SWEET!

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  1. love your organization, my closet used to be so bad that I was afraid to open the door,because there might be flying objects comming at me,lol.
    Have fun crafting!!!


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