March 14, 2012

Maggie's Makeover

Remember how I was trying to redo all of my designs so that they weren't taken from any books?  I think I've gone down the line and redone all of the ones I had copied from "Twirled Paper".  I feel proud of myself.  I think Maggie needs a little more work and I don't think she is as funny as the original Maggie, but she is from my mind, not anyone else's.

Here she is in all her chunky glory:

find Maggie here

Here's Maggie before:

Her udders are hilarious, but they add a good 10 minutes to production.

I love making intricate designs, but when people order in multiples, it can take 
SO long that I find myself regretting the details.  

This week has been great! (NOT!)
Monday started with a 7 hour stint in the ER with one of my sons.
Oh, the joys of motherhood.  8 stitches later, he is all new!
I'm just glad it wasn't worse!

Enjoy your wonderful early Spring!
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