February 6, 2012

Good Things

Good things are happening.  Maybe 2012 will be my year?  We'll see.  Ever since I did my wholesale order I feel empowered.  I'm actively looking into craft fairs, but only good ones.  I have been duly warned by many a crafty friend of the dangers to avoid.  I was actually directly contacted by the organizer of the Chelsea Market Artisan Fair (that was thrilling) but the fees for that 2-week fair are more than my NYC rent!  CRAZY!

I got a quick pic of my babies on display back in Hoboken.  I feel as proud as I did when my son came to me last week with an award from school.  It's like my cards are my other babies.  Here they are:

I am told they are selling well.  :)

I am also collaborating with a talented group of people on a project for a book AND I was also approached about some design work for an ad campaign.  WHAT?!  For real? ME?!  

Of course all these things are under wraps and if all goes well I will be able to share them with you in the near future.  But, it all depends on the legal stuff.

I promise this is not fake humility.  I am truly flabbergasted that people scope out etsy and find me and contact me to do these things.  It isn't that I don't think I'm good at paper crafting, it's just that I'm not Yulia.  You know what I mean?  But, I guess it's okay not to be Yulia and just be Sandy.  (You'd think I'd have that all figured out at 30 something, but I don't.)

Every day it seems that I open up a magazine or visit a website that is referencing quilling and I am totally stoked about it.  Yesterday's craft of the day at Martha Stewart Craft was about quilled lettering.  Coincidentally, today Ann Martin of All Things Paper posted about her own lettering tips.    I have to say, side paper quilling is really the most frustrating and challenging technique to master.  I have literally shouted out loud here in my studio trying to perfect it.  Maybe one day I will.

I do agree with all of Ann's tips.  While I myself have never tried to use stock paper I have doubled the strip and used that technique.  Remember my Autumn lady?  Well, her face and eyes were by far the hardest part of the whole project.

I also used it on my little lid project to outline the heart shape and I was quite frustrated at one point.  Makes me admire all of the "paper-graphic" artists that are emerging.  You can see that the edges are not smooth but I left it like that and decided it added "vintage" cuteness to the project.  
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I hope everyone has an awesome week.  Just wanted to touch base with you all because I think I might be away for a few days trying to catch up with all these deadlines.  

Many SWEET February days to you all!

Oh, and the Giants AND Madonna rocked that Super Bowl last night.  But I never really had a doubt! ;)