January 18, 2012

Chelsea Market

I just wanted to share a little impromptu excursion I took on Monday night.  Yeah, night!  This is why I can't ever see myself living anywhere else but here in NYC.  You can leave the house at 7pm and still find everything open.

I had never been to Chelsea Market but I can see myself making it a regular stop.  Especially in the Spring. If you spend the afternoon walking around Highline Park you can dip into the market and grab a bite to eat and some delicious espresso and fuel back up for some more walking around.

Chelsea Market used to be the home of the National Biscuit Company (aka Nabisco - took me a few minutes to put that one together).  You can see that through some of the artwork that's still in the building.  I love the industrial rustic look of the building.  And, they have an ANTHROPOLOGIE (Woot, Woot).  My hubby thought he'd been tricked into the excursion when he saw the store.  Hee Hee.

Here are some of the pics I snapped with my phone camera.  Hope you enjoy them:

Some relics from Nabisco.

Oreo Art

I loooooooved these lights.  
Wondering where I could duplicate this.

Best Coffee from Ninth Street Espresso

Tons of cool ingredients at your disposal.  
Like flavored salts from The Filling Station 
all kinds of bitters to make cool baskets at Chelsea Market Baskets. 
There isn't a lot you can't find in there.  

Like cupcakes ;)  LOL!
(But I didn't have any.)

Speaking of cupcakes, did you catch my new banner?  They kind of look like little African ladies with colored hair but they are supposed to be cupcakes.  I will wait a few days and let it mentally marinate while I decide whether or not to keep it.  

I spent all night dreaming about html codes.  That's what happens when you spend all day trying to make sense of letters and symbols.  No wonder people pay others to design blogs for them.  Sheesh!

And for a little more paper love, here are some pics of the windows at Anthro.  It was a water-color painting extravaganza.  They even left the little mason jars full of paint and the brushes, too.  That store is after my own heart.

And, since vintage pics and love are what I'm all about, here is a new card I created 
for all the other love-geeks out there:

Card available here

Have a SWEET Wednesday!


  1. That's so gawgus :D
    The new camera design is my favourite!! ^-^
    Great new design, sweet as always ;)

  2. Love your banner, the pics are great,would love to have shops that stay open in the evenings, besides wal mart,lol love the card !!!!

  3. those are great!! :) Next time I am in NYC, you'll have to take me and my husband somewhere cool like Chelsea Market :P BESOS

  4. Thank you, ladies! Change is good, right? @Nina, you let me know. I will play tour-guide ;) XOXO

  5. That's one thing I really miss about living in NYC - there's something going on 24/7!
    Love your fabulous little camera - your quilling is stunning and so unique!


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