December 21, 2011

My Wednesday Zambumbia

My grandma used to use a Spanish word "Zambumbia" to describe when one threw a bunch of stuff together in a pot and made something delish as a result.

My post is not actually about cooking.  It's just a bunch of thoughts I've gathered and want to share.  First off I think this will be my last post for at least 2 weeks because I have guests coming and staying at Casa de Diaz.  One of the guests will actually be sleeping in my studio (which makes it kinda hard to create in here).  I just finished putting away my paper mess and I'm feeling so sad that it looks like just an office in here now.

My sister is also coming up from NC with her brood and she will be dropping off her bouncing (19-year-old) baby girl at Titi Sandy's house because she is moving to the big city to pursue lots of goals and it's just way easier here.  So, we will have a little girl soon - LOL!  I love the idea of a bit more balance in this house because I am the only girl and it gets way too testosterone-y in here some days.

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I'm dying to make rainbow cookie cupcakes.  I bought all the ingredients at Fairway and I am hoping to be able to do it before this week is over.  (Sidenote:  Almond Paste is expensive!)

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I found this quote here and my heart swooned.  I think it's SO on point. 

Now I want to read that book.  And, I don't do books, there is no time in my life for books.  
But, I may just make an exception for this one.  Every beautifully descriptive word he uses just melts me to the core.  What a love-geek I am!

Also, the last thing I shipped was packaged so prettily I wanted to share:

Romantic wrapping, right?

I hope that everyone enjoys their time off spent with their families and loved ones.  I know I will (hubby has quite a few days off lined up)  WOOT WOOT!  I plan to do lots of cuddling and New York-ing in the next few days.  I reserved tickets to go see the 9/11 Memorial.  It's something I've really wanted to do for a while now.  While I know it's not a "happy place" it is a special place and I want to know what it feels like to be there.  I also want to go check out Sephora's windows which are supposedly decorated to the nines in paper beauty.  I hope to share some quick pics of my outings with you while I am "away" living life and creating memories.

Thanks for reading, caring and sharing this year.  I'm hoping next year is even better!
As always,
 Keep it SWEET!

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  1. yummy looking cup cakes, the words are awesome!
    Sounds like you will be busy ,but enjoying your time to! Merry CHristmas and A happy New Year!!!


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