December 7, 2011

Lomo Loving

So, as I've mentioned before I LOVE vintage styled photography.  But, being that my phone has tons of apps that create the effect and I have a "real" camera, I can't find the excuse to shell out $90 for what is, essentially, a toy.

That being said, it doesn't mean I can't play around!  I have discovered every lomo app that my phone can handle and I have to say I am impressed.  So much so that I no longer even bother to carry my point and shoot.  (She might be making it on to eBay soon.)

I am also spending (way too much) time trying to teach myself Photoshop.  Have I mentioned how she and I are not besties?  I have never had a hard time learning any program by myself.  It's a gift (I thought) I had.  Apparently, PS wants me to feel bad and think about taking a class.  A class?!  Pshh, NOT gonna happen!  I don't pay to learn programs.  I already paid to have it on my computer! Hello!

Anyway, let me recompose myself...  Here is what I've been playing around with:

I made a collection of vintage camera cards and I think the collection might just (definitely will) get bigger.  I can't stop!  (And you know how it is when I can't stop making something.)

Here's another preview:

More pics tomorrow.

Keep it SWEET and SNAPPY!