December 5, 2011

Franny got her makeover!

Just wanted to quickly share Franny the Flamingo's makeover.  (More on that here.)  And, like always I am much prouder of my own design.  I think she's a cutie.  How about you?

Buy Franny here.

This was Franny before:

Still cute, but not my design.  (It came from a book.)

I hope to have more makeovers and new designs during the week.  Stay tuned! ;)

Keep it SWEET!

Like the FABULOUS cupcakes we had last night from Brooklyn Cupcake. These lovely ladies make a coquito cupcake.  Have you ever had coquito?  It's to die for!  It's Puerto Rican egg nog with a tropical twist.  The cupcakes were delish and moist and yummy.  They also have guava and cheese cupcakes (a very popular treat in Puerto Rico) and a rainbow cookie cupcake (a tribute to their Italian heritage).  My hubby LOVES rainbow cookies and he screamed when he bit it.  He said "It tastes JUST like the cookie!"  So, if you're ever in the neighb, drop by and see them.  You won't be disappointed.  We sure weren't and we are some picky cupcake eatin' folks! (Just sayin'.)  We bought a few more flavors but we have to pace ourselves in ingestion.  So, no reviews on those yet.  

It was so sweet to go in there.  First off, because their store is like 2 blocks from where my family and I first moved when we came from Puerto Rico.  Second, because they are two sisters who love to make cupcakes (just like me and my sis).  I truly wish them all the super bestest and I will share the recommendation with everyone.  I shall live vicariously through them.  Congrats, ladies! ;)


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