November 28, 2011

More Paper Fashions

Sometimes I don't know how I wind up in certain websites.  But, lots of times I'm really happy I did.  I stumbled upon another amazing paper fashion diva.  She is Lia Griffith.  And she is AMAZING:

Photos by Quavondo

I'm back from North Carolina and I'm a physical wreck.  But I have lots of things flowing in my brain.  I hope to bring them to fruition.

Did anyone do any Black Friday shopping?  Guess what I got?  A bunch of Blu-rays from Walmart that were priced from $5 to $10, which include full seasons of my guilty pleasure show Big Bang Theory.  CRAZY, right?  Oh, and a salad spinner.  LOL!  So exciting, huh?

A SWEET week to all of you!