October 17, 2011

Don't throw out that calendar!

I was up until 7am this morning.  Yeah, 7!  My entire body is basically about to log off.  Having insomnia really highlights the Fibro symptoms.  I know it'll be a good week before I feel back to (my) normal.  BUT I try hard to keep my spirits up because the only thing worse than being in pain is being depressed and in pain.  You know what I mean?

I am really happy that hubby and I got a few projects tackled this weekend.  Really happy because they were not planned but they turned out really good.  We've been living in this house for over 5 years and I am starting to get sick of certain spots.  Since I am a stay-at-home I NEED for my home to feel good to me.  I might lose it (more) otherwise.  The entry hallway has had the same paint and framed art since we moved in.  It felt dull and boring and I had more vision for it.  Of course, like everyone, the budget it non-existant so I had to work with what I had.

I had purchased a beautiful 2011 Snow & Graham calendar from my fave spot Paper Source.  As the months have passed I was feeling sad that all these beautiful prints would soon end up in the garbage.  So I decided to switch out a few of my fave months with the old artwork I had framed.  The frames were bigger than the prints and matting so I added a bit more color and interest by cutting out some artisan frames with my Silhouette using basic cardstock.

I repainted the hallway a bright white (paint which was sitting in the garage) and we moved up a bench from the basement which we only use as extra seating when we have a larger-than-6 dinner party. I tapped into my collection of pillow covers (I hoard linens thanks to Mom) and VOILA, a whole new entryway for ZERO dollars!!  WOOT WOOT!

I am super happy with the new splash of color and even happier that it's a change.  After 5 years you start to hate things you may have once loved.

Here is my new entryway:

We have a no-shoes-in-the-house rule.  So, the bench facilitates 
the taking off and putting on of shoes and provides extra seating
for overflow of crazy friends who love to drop in.

Here are June, July and August ;)

This is the view from the front door as you come in.
The basket on the wall is a temporary fix for a broken
bell cover.  Hey, it's better than seeing the hardware.

Here are January and September ;D

And, because I am SO impatient, I forgot to take a before shot. :(  But I scoured through my pics and found one that'll suit the purpose.  It's hubby playing Rockband in the living room and you can see the dark hallway behind him :)  This pic was taken back in 2008 or so.  
He's totally gonna kill me when/if he sees this! LOL!

I have a few cards to share so stay tuned.  Hopefully I will be feeling well enough to post them all throughout the week.  

I hope all of those who are participating in the blog hop have begun their projects!  ( I haven't - LOL!)  I have created a button so you can share and advertise the blog hop.  Even if you are not participating you can help spread the word about the hop.  

Keep on quilling and creating SWEETNESS!


  1. Amazing what a little paint and nice art can do to a person's spirit.... love it!
    lol! about your hubby's "Rock On" pic....he'll love it....(eventually...lol!)
    Hope you feel better too sipota!!!
    and as always....YOU ROCK!!!

  2. Well done on all those improvements - everything looks so nice, and that includes your husband! :) Hope you're feeling lots better.


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