September 16, 2011

I finally got a round twit.

My mother-in-law is visiting and she just loves cheesy sayings.  She once handed me a round wooden thing and when I read it it said "I finally got a round twit".  The thing was a twit  PADUM-CHING!

Anyway, I did finally get around to something I have been talking about doing forever.  Remember my bright yellow curtains?  Well, I finally used up the coordinating fabric and made the curtains.  It wasn't necessarily what I had set out to do today. But my neighbor came over and asked me to borrow my sewing machine and then when she brought it back,  being as it was already out and threaded, I had no excuse not to do it.  Another thing that helped is that I was reading some of my fave blogs this morning and noticed that Sherry from Young House Love currently has my very same fabric under her "We're Digging" list.  Well, it was a sign, right?

Anywho.  It took me a few hours of ironing and pinning but I got the babies done, ironed and hung up in one afternoon.  I am proud!  My dining room has super weird lighting once the afternoon sets in AND I have an ugly AC unit in the window because this house is MAD old and there's no central AC and I hate to be hot.  So, the shadow of the AC is cast in the pics.

I love them and I am really happy that despite the fact that the fabrics are different versions of each other, it didn't come out too matchy-matchy.  I hate matchy-matchy.

Here they are in all their weird lighting/ bulky ac/ tiny dining room glory:

See the bulky AC shadow? :/  But lots of light comes in during the day as well as a nice breeze.

My totally informal/ very simple/ gets the job done dining room.  We've never had a dining room where we could fit a proper cabinet. - NYC, remember?  My Fiestaware has always been in these two little guys we bought in Ikea 14 years ago!  (Who said cheap can't last?) I was given really beautiful Lenox china at my wedding,  but I am totally un-froufy. (That's not to say I don't like to have people over and entertain, I'm just not "formal".) When I realized I wouldn't ever use them (only twice), I decided to sell them on Ebay.  They were snatched up ASAP.  And I have never regretted it.  I adore my fiestaware and am only sad that I don't have the need or the room for more colors!!

Left is Living Room - Right is Dining Room

You can find the fabric here, but I will tell you that it's already 
more expensive than what I paid for it ($5.93/yd), now it's $8.48.

I feel like a champion!  LOL!

I'm also happy that Craftgawker has accepted TWO of my submissions this week.  That's a huge feat.  Those of you out there who submit stuff know that it is super hard to get it accepted unless they deem your picture worthy.  It challenges me to take better pictures, so that's good.  

Here are screen shots because I tend to take them and hoard them as proof that I made it on there.  If any of you don't know what Craftgawker is, you need to google it, NOW!  I won't be mad if you don't finish the post.  I'd totally understand!

My wine-o stamps.  (2nd pic)

My quilled cassette (4th pic).  This pic only has 4 columns because there 
was a crazy pic of a zombie and it was just too ugly for me. 

I hope you all have a SWEET Saturday and Sunday 
and make lots of great new memories with the ones you love!  


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