April 5, 2011

A Bollywood Bling Bash

I don't know if I'll make it through this post without crying, but I'll try.  18 years ago a gorgeous baby girl was born that changed my life forever (crap, I'm crying already).  I was in the deepest throes of teen angst and she gave me a reason to get over myself and be happy, even if only when I was with her.  That "Little Star" is my niece.  And, with great pain in my heart (and joy) it's my pleasure to announce her high school graduation.  She's a real nerd like her "titi" (auntie, in Spanish).  And she goes against the grain (yup, like me, too).  I just don't know what my life would've turned out to be like without her.  

I used to run home from school just to see her and spend huge chunks of my meager paycheck to dress her in cute, frilly dresses.  I still have her first pair of soft pink leather ballet slippers.  They are so tiny. She was the flower girl in my wedding and she will ALWAYS be my little star, no matter how old she gets.  (You hear that??!!)

Anyway, as I wipe my sappy tears, I want to share the invitation I made for her graduation party, which is to be Bollywood themed.  The last time she came to visit us here in NYC we played "Just Dance 2" for Wii and enjoyed the super cardio workout that the Bollywood song "Katti Kalandal" gave us.  Truth be told, I thought I was gonna die the next day - LOL!  This bash is definitely gonna be one for the record books.  Stay tuned...

And, just for torture's sake.  Here she is with her titi back in the days...oh how time flies!!!

Even though I look mad here, (teen angst, remember?)
the highlight of my day was bathing her and dressing her all up

Here we are with my Grandma (who has since passed).
She always had my full attention.

Here we are on my wedding day.
These pics are scanned so, bear with the poor quality.
She was a disaster at the end of the night.
She had holes in her stockings and her shoes were missing!

So, there you have it!  I love you Kaly!  And I am very, very proud of you!
And, because I'm already a crying mess, here's "our" song.

When I told my niece I was getting married (and, thereby moving out) I had to break the news to her somehow.  So, I played her this song to let her know how much I loved her...and at a whole 5 years old...she cried!  Even though I've been married for almost 13 years now and she has moved over 600 miles away from me, it's still our song and it still makes me weep like a dummy.

Let me go grab some tissue...


  1. Love it...you're an amazing person and she is very fortunate to have you as her aunt.

  2. I'm a mess right now!!! This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your words are so moving and touching!! You did an amazing job with the invitations. May your niece's special day, be just as SPECIAL as you are!! MUAH!!

  3. What a beautiful story! Lovely memories kept by the photos as well.

    Did I tell you I love the Bollywood cards that you created? Nice job!

  4. How sweet! i have two gorgeous nieces and no children of my own, so I know how it is to get attached and I love to also spend tons of money on them. LOL!! Your a great auntie.

  5. nice invitation, lovely story and pictures, and the song is touching. Heart touching!

  6. Wow! Girl, they are awesome and the song is beautiful...she's gonna be the happiest girl in the world! hope you guys have a wonderful time.

  7. wow!!!!! amazing what you wrote...sniff, sniff...okay...let me grab a tissue too...wow!!! have a great time at the party....love the invites too....

  8. Love this truly...love it. :)

  9. this was truly a touching story!

  10. Precioso tu blog y todas tus creaciones en papel.
    Gracias por visitarme.

    Yo también te sigo desde hoy.

    Un saludo desde España.

    María Jesús


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