March 23, 2011

It's been 13 days since my last confession...

HA!  I couldn't help but to use that title.  I can't believe I have allowed so much time to pass since I last posted.  What can I say?  Life has a way of keeping you busy!

What is up at Sweet Spot?  Well, I was on a crazy paper blossom frenzy and then I dunno what happened, it just kind of dried up.  We were finally getting better weather (and that makes me cabin-crazy) and today we actually have snow.  It's like somebody is playing a really mean joke on me.  I haven't even been online as much as normal but I have tons of custom projects lined up and I need to get a move on them!  From a masculine parisian shadow box to a bedroom for a princess and a Bollywood bash.  I also want to redecorate my home and finish reorganizing my studio.  Time, where are you?

I have to say, seeing all the different things typed out gets me a bit stoked that I can do such varied things as work.

I did want to share some pictures of a quilled card I made with my new quilling tool.  I literally said "Oh my goodness" to myself as I was using it.  It is incredible how it makes the dreadful centers disappear.  It's so thin and comfortable in the hand.  Its fabulous for detailed work.  I don't think, however, that you can just have one quilling tool.  There are just different things that require different tools.  It's perfect for scrollwork and intricate designs.  But for regular fringing and flowers I think I still prefer the regular tool because you can get the piece off of the tool easier.  

Here are the differences I noticed with centers on my tools:

This is the first tool I ever bought.  It doesn't allow the paper to go all the
way through so it creates a very large crease and center hole:

Here are 2 other tools I have that are very similar in size and opening.  One is very ergonomic, so I use it often as my hand cramps sometimes.  The other I got it with my favorite quilling book:

And here is the "one".  I'm so glad that Ann Martin suggested it to me. I can definitely see a huge difference in my quilling.  Looks much more professional and beautiful:

I did leave out the needle tool.  I know that most professional quillers swear by that tool.  But, it doesn't like me and I don't feel very fond of it either!  I'm super pleased with the results of the tiny quilling tool and I'm sticking to it.  It's literally a little more than 3 inches long and has a movable barrel that makes it super easy to use.  It is imported from Japan and it is not cheap in the least, especially compared to the regular tools we have here in the States.  If you'd like more info I'd be happy to provide it, but I am not sure how/when the tool would be shipped in light of all of the latest happenings in Japan.

Happy Quilling to you all and remember, 
keep it SWEET!!