February 23, 2011

Color Inspiration

I have to admit.  Since I got back I feel really lazy.  I have vacation on the brain.  I keep telling myself to be productive but it doesn't seem to be working!  I washed one load of laundry and don't feel like doing the rest :(.  so I decided to blog and site hop to see if I could find anything that would get me motivated enough to actually take out my scissors and glue.

I found it!  It's another Tuesday Trigger from Moxie Fab and I love the colors.  Of course I am probably partial because I happen to LOVE Crate and Barrel and the trigger comes from there.

Spring seems to be avoiding the Northeast entirely so I found it refreshing to come across this super colorful and happy trigger.  I used my Paper Source colors from my last trip to Brooklyn and some craft stock cards I found there as well.  I am loving the earthy "paper bag" color of this stock.

Here is the trigger:

Here is my craft creation:

The colors I used were papaya, peacock, beet and chartreuse.  
The decorative vintage-esque brad embellishment is a bright sunny yellow.  
The stem and leaf were made from regular bright green cardstock.
 The colors are actually much bolder in person but the sun is 
still setting too early for my lazy self to take advantage of it.

I have a great vintage find that I'm saving as a motivator for a paper goody.  But it would involve a whole lot of quilling and, like I said...I got vacay on the brain.

Hope your week is feeling SWEET!


  1. Fun! This is so very cleaver and fun!

  2. I love that cushion! The card turned out really great.

  3. Hey Sandy! What a fun approach to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! Thanks so much for playing along! :)


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