December 28, 2010

New to the Sweet Spot

So, it snowed.  I SNOWED!!  We got (supposedly) 20 inches of white, fluffy, COLD powdered precipitation, but I think it was more.   As it stands my car is totally buried and I doubt it will see the light of day until maybe Friday.  Good thing my sister is here with m niece and nephew and they can all go outside and bomb each other with snow (ah to be a kid and actually like the snow).  I've created a few more silly quillies I'd like to share and I hope you can all stay warm this week, wherever you may be.


Oh, before I go, I'd like to share a link to a blog post featuring Sweet Spot here.  Our shop is the last one mentioned and we are super grateful to Cest la Vie for blogging about us!


  1. I love your silly quillies....they are the best.

  2. I really like the "turn me on" cool and original.... YOU ROCK!!!

  3. Thank you Dancia! I appreciate your comment :D


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