November 28, 2010

When it rains, it pours.

I've had a really rough past few days.  Been sick and achy all over.  I've tried to make the best of it but it's hard not to feel like throwing a little tantrum of frustration.  Especially since I'm always sick!  But, I try not to concentrate on that. I haven't had much of a productive few days because I'm trying to rest my way into betterment.  I think it's working.

One thing I DID do was beg my hubby to make me to the new Paper Source in Brooklyn.   Mind you, it was REALLY cold out (40's) and I think I'm nursing bronchitis.  So I literally ran from my house to the car in the driveway and from the car into the store.  I LOVE THAT STORE!!!!  They have such cool and clever things.  I was a bit disappointed at the size.  I mean this is NYC people!  How can our Paper Source be smaller than Boston's or DC's?  I don't get that.  Either way I still found some cool new goodies that I hope to start playing with tomorrow.  They will be having their grand opening event next Saturday and I intend on going back and being that annoying customer that never leaves. ;)  Hee Hee!  Best part is that my neighbor loves paper too, so I have a paper buddy- YAY!

I made a new card cuz I'm under the weather (feeling pun-ny today):

I was also featured in another one of magalerie's treasuries (she's rockin' my world).  Go check out her awesome parisian shop.  She has some totally cool fine art photography and I think she has as much of a sweet tooth as I do.  She created a delicious treasury featuring strawberries.  (Oh how I wish they were still in season.)  Take a look:

Hope to be back to myself tomorrow and have more to share!


  1. Thanks again Leesandra for featuring my strawberry treasury.
    I hope you get well soon !

  2. Lovely umbrella, Sandy - hope you feel much better soon.

  3. Thank you ladies. I'm sure I'll be all better soon.


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