November 3, 2010

A quill a day

I wish I could just have one whole day to quill and make a million different cards.  I thought that day was going to be today but alas, it was not.  I'm happy I got to create a few new cards for my shop but I didn't get nearly as much done as I'd hoped.  C'est la vie!

Here are Sweet Spot's new additions:


  1. wow! i really love those cards especially the last one. the heels look so gorgeous! :D

  2. It's always the way, life gets in the way of quilling! But at least you got these great cards done.

  3. cool! i've made a quilled high hills too for last time but it dont look so good so i dont upload the picture, hehehee!

  4. Thank you all! Today is a super rainy day here in NYC. MAybe I'll steal some moments to do some more quilling. **Fingers crossed**


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