November 17, 2010

Can you do it?

I had someone ask me yesterday if I could make Lady Gaga.  Truth be told, I didn't know if I could!  I mean, I may have made Madonna.  But Lady Gaga makes Madonna look like a simple woman.  I had to challenge myself and I was prepared to throw out tons of globbed up strips of helpless paper.  I'm glad to say, I think I kinda did it!  I love quilling!  The way you can come up with any idea and just roll your shapes together and make it happen.  I have to say, I'm a bit of an impatient quiller.  I don't use guides or symmetry boards.  I just go for it.  It's because of that that most of my things are one of a kind.  I have no idea what measurements my strips are or what I did to get where I wound up.  But who says I have to?  Meet Lady Gaga:

Incase you've been under a rock and you have no idea what she looks like:

On another note.  Here's some more SWEET SPOT quilling for this week:

Birds, Branches and Flowers are a common theme for me.  Makes me happy!