June 5, 2010

It has to come to you...

One thing I've learned is that you can't FORCE yourself to be creative.  There are just those times in life when it's hard to make nice things if you just don't "feel" it.  I've been dying to make paper goodies, but no matter how hard I tried it just wouldn't happen.  I was forcing myself.  So, I decided to take the pressure off and just wait until something would inspire me.  It's been almost 3 months since I stopped working and I have yet to restore my etsy shop, even though I do WANT to.

We took a trip up to Martha's Vineyard...BINGO, inspiration EVERYWHERE!  There were flower boxes with super bright colors everywhere you looked.  We rented an awesome house that was (in my opinion) the house of Anthropologie (one of my faves).  The homeowner has the most eclectic and colorful taste I have ever seen (and, trust me, I like color).  The way she dared to mix palettes and patterns was so motivating to me.  The fact that she dared to use canvasses and paint crazy things on them  was totally awesome to me.

(side story:  I have been dying to paint on canvasses but I just didn't dare.  So, I chickened out and bought 3 tiny canvas boards...and they have been sitting in my craft closet forever.  The other day I went to Michael's and they had real canvasses for sale and I decided to buy them {really big step}  next step is to actually paint on them, which I'll get back to)

Anyway (wow, I make myself tired when I write) so, yeah, Martha's Vineyard was artistically inspirational for me.  There was also the cutest cupcake shop and the owner was totally cool, and (if you know me) you know I LOVE cupcakes.  So, being in his shop and talking to him was also great.

Having said all of that, let me get to the point:  I DID IT!  I painted on a canvas.  Not only did I paint on a canvas, I actually used the canvas with paper and buttons and other goodies and I made something practical for my home.  Isn't that great?!  I think so.

Check it out:

These are going on the wall above the cabinets in my kitchen       
which you can see as soon as you walk through the front door.

This made me happy :)

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